March Craft Ideas – Rainbow Promises

Prep Time – Less than 10 minutes

Supplies – Construction Paper, Scissors, Cotton Balls, Glue and Pen


Preparation Time for Craft:

Step 1 – Cut a strip of each color of contruction paper (for rainbow)

Step 2 – On plain construction paper, draw a sun, “God Keeps His Promises” and the scripture “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and earth” Genesis 9:13



Craft Time:

Provide the child with the drawing

Read the “God Keeps His Promises” and the scripture

Have the child repeat it

Allow the child to “build the rainbow” by gluing each color one at a time

Review the colors with the child

Once the rainbow is there you can encourage the child glue the clouds near the rainbow

Review the texture of the clouds and even took a walk outside to look at the clouds

Repeat the phrase and the scripture with the child


Happy Crafting,


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