March Craft Ideas – Trinity Clover

Prep Time – Less than 10 minutes
Supplies – Construction Paper (2 sheets), Scissors, Crayons/Paint/Markers, Glue, Pencil/Pen, Tissue Paper/Pipe Cleaner/Branch

There are a few ways you can create this simple craft; the options are listed so that you can create a craft that works best for your child.

Preparation for Craft Time:
Step 1:
Option 1 – Fold plain construction into 4 squares, draw a heart and cut the hearts out (it will make 4 hearts- craft requires 3)

Option 2 – Draw a 3-leaf clover on construction paper

Step 2: 
Write: Father, Son, Holy Spirit in each clover

Step 3:
Write “His Love Endures Forever. Psalm 136:1” at the top of the craft.

Side Note: It was said that St. Patrick used the 3 leaf clover to share the “Good News” and the Trinity with the people of Ireland. I picked  this scripture because when I think of the Trinity I see …

God, the Father, who spoke through men of old

God , the Son, who walked among men

God, the Holy Spirit, who dwells within men

He is the God of yesterday, today and forever. This scripture captures all that I feel about the Trinity and it is simple enough for a toddler to learn.

Parent, we cannot impart what we do not possess. If you have little ones in your life, take time to study the word of God so that you can possess and proclaim His promises and in turn impart them into those you love.

Craft Time:

Step 1:
Provide child with clovers and allow your child to color or paint.

My child likes to paint so we painted the clovers, but you can color with crayons or makers, etc.

Read scripture and have child repeat it. Discuss the idea that God is always with us and how He loves us.

Any time my child colors we talk about what color they are using.

Step 2:

Once coloring is complete (paint has dried) help your child glue the clovers on the construction paper with the scripture

My child and I counted clovers to reinforce another learning concept.

Step 3:

Now it is time to create the stem
You cut and crumbled small pieces of tissue paper and glued them to create the stem or you can also use a pipe cleaner or a branch from outside.  There are numerous options.

Continue to discuss the idea of God’s love for us and how He is always with us.
Repeat the scripture.

Always use craft time as an opportunity to intentionally engage in conversation with your child / children.

Happy Crafting,

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