Thrive in Your Tribe

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”
Proverbs 27:17

As humans we long for connection. We want to feel connected and accepted by our family, friends, and community.  We thrive for love, intimacy and validation – connection.  This is why many of us find ourselves scrolling through our feeds striving to connect in some small, meaningful way.  The Bible gives us many great examples of people coming together to connect and fulfill a common goal. They didn’t always look alike or have the same personalities but together they were not only able to strengthen each other, but also fulfill a greater purpose.

In all seasons of life, no matter where we find ourselves, we need people who will encourage us, speak life into us, walk side-by-side with us, be an ear to hear and a shoulder to cry on. We are meant for relationship and we are meant for community. We are better together and we can thrive within our tribes – taking us all to another level. We are not meant to do life alone.  Relationships “sharpen” us, helping us grow into a better version of ourselves.

There is a book in the Bible called Ruth. It tells a story of woman, Naomi, who suffered great sorrows in her life. Her daughter-in-law, Ruth, was of a different generation and background but she did not let their differences define their relationship. Ruth stuck by Naomi’s side through emotional grief and physical need. Together, they were able to overcome their challenges and hardships to see God’s blessings in their lives.  It is through friendship and faith that they found hope.

 Women, find your tribe.

 Find women who will rejoice when you experience joys and be there for you when life presents you challenges, women who will allow you to be vulnerable without judgment, women who will offer grace and encouragement. Find women who inspire you to be better.  We may not always see eye to eye. Our ideas and priorities will differ and that is okay. We don’t always need someone to agree with us. We need community and real connection. We should not let pride or envy prevent us from connecting with a healthy group of women.

We are better together and we can accomplish so much more when we are in unity.

Take the story of the “Walls of Jericho”. This is a story telling of when God spoke to one man and gave him directions on how to defeat the enemy. This man had to lead a nation of people in doing something so peculiar that the people must’ve thought he was crazy. In unity, the people came together and followed the instructions of God. After 6 days of silently marching, on the 7th they shouted to bring down the walls. It was in unity that they accomplished something very great.

“When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city.”

Joshua 6:20

There may be walls in your life preventing you from finding your tribe or stepping out of your comfort zone. It is time to let those walls come down.

Women, we are better together!

Another word for unity is harmony. Now we are not musicians but we do know what it is to create “harmony”. It is beautiful when the instruments in their different chords, musical notes, and purposes are played together in unison to create a beautiful song. However, when a musician plays without  regard for the other musicians around, what can be beautiful turns to chaos.

You are beautiful, talented and important. Our gifts and talents may be different, but by coming together in those differences, we can fulfill a greater purpose. We should not be ashamed of our weaknesses or shy away from our strengths. It is in community that we will be able to strength our weakness and walk in our gifts. We are here to lift each other up, when one is weary, tired or in need of a break – we are here to be their support system and in turn we will have a support system when we need it.

Together we can create harmony.  Together, we can inspire each other.

We can say with great certainty, that as sisters we’ve accomplished more together then we could alone. We were able to plan and execute many special events because our gifts, though not the same, allow us to work together for a greater purpose.   When one of us has a vision / goal, we support each other and help in anyway possible to see that vision come to pass. It can be something as great as helping build wells in a small tribal village or something as simple as crafting with the children. We are learning to help each other thrive and in turn fulfill a greater purpose in both the small and the great.

You can do the same!

Women, thrive within your tribe.


Tisha and Misty

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