Spring Craft – Mess Free Flower Painting

God Makes Everything Beautiful.   Ecc. 3:11

Prep Time – Less than 10 minutes

Supplies – Construction Paper, Scissors, Crayons/Paint/Markers, Glue, Pencil/Pen, Paper Plate, Ziplock bag

Preparation for Craft Time:

Step 1:

Cut “petals” in paper plate

Cut leaf / stem

Write on construction paper “God makes everything beautiful. Ecc. 3:11”

Parent Side Note: Flowers can provide us some wonderful reminders about God. He is a God of beauty, creativity, detail and care. He created so many unique flowers, all are very beautiful in their own right and some of the most beautiful come with thorns. Much like us but as we are reminded in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, God makes everything beautiful.


Craft Time:

Step 1:

Allow child to select a few colors to paint the flower

Place some small dots of the select paint color on the paper plate (less is more … when I provided to much paint, the paper began to wilt when drying)

Place the paper plate in the ziplock bag and allow child to smash the paint on to the flower

Read scripture and have child repeat it

Discuss some of the beautiful things around

God made “x” beautiful

Any time my child colors we talk about what color they are using


Step 2:

Help your child glue the stem / leaves onto the construction paper with the scripture

Once coloring is complete (paint has dried) help your child glue the flower on the construction paper with the scripture


Repeat the scripture


Always use craft time as an opportunity to intentionally engage in conversation with your child / children.


Happy Crafting,


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