7 Fun Easter Crafts 

Hey Parents, Easter week is upon us.  As I prepare to celebrate with my babies I compiled a list of pictures of 7 fun Pinterest crafts ideas.  I hope to do many of these with my toddler this week.  Each of these photos is pretty self explanatory 😊    Enjoy and Happy Crafting, Misty

April Dollar Store Finds 

Hey Parents, Want to do some fun activities with your children but not sure where to start ....  let me encourage you to check out your local Dollar Store or 99 cent store for some fun and easy activities. I frequently check there for festive decor and craft supplies.   This week I came across … Continue reading April Dollar Store Finds 

Spring Craft – Mess Free Flower Painting

God Makes Everything Beautiful.   Ecc. 3:11 Prep Time – Less than 10 minutes Supplies – Construction Paper, Scissors, Crayons/Paint/Markers, Glue, Pencil/Pen, Paper Plate, Ziplock bag Preparation for Craft Time: Step 1: Cut “petals” in paper plate Cut leaf / stem Write on construction paper “God makes everything beautiful. Ecc. 3:11” Parent Side Note: Flowers … Continue reading Spring Craft – Mess Free Flower Painting