April Dollar Store Finds 

Hey Parents,

Want to do some fun activities with your children but not sure where to start ….  let me encourage you to check out your local Dollar Store or 99 cent store for some fun and easy activities.

I frequently check there for festive decor and craft supplies.   This week I came across 2 fun and easy activities for only $1.00 each.  You can’t beat that!

My local Dollar store has a bug catching kit.  It came with these 2 items and a pair of plastic tweezers (not pictured).

This made for a great intentional outdoor activity.  It was so much fun for the kids to explore, get dirty and catch ladybugs.  This is a great activity for a child that may not want to sit still for a craft.

Another great find was the suncatcher painting kit.  This kit came with a plastic design, paint and a paint brush.

It’s such an inexpensive and fun craft that is great to display for these long summer days.

Good luck at your local stores and Happy Crafting,

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