6 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

How do you prepare for the New Year? I am a goal setter. I love crossing something off my goal or to-do list and feeling the sense of achievement and satisfaction that goes along with that little check mark. I am learning that we do not need to have the perfect goal list to start the year off right. There are things that we can do to mentally and physically prepare well for the new year.

Here is my list of 6 ways I am preparing well for the new year and not one of them is a goal.

#1: Create a Clean Space

It is amazing how clean and uncluttered kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks will give you a sense of space and peace. Try it out and start your new year with some clean space. Whether you decide to clean all of your “counters” (desks, nightstands, kitchen and sink counters) or only tackle one area, you will enjoy the extra space – guaranteed!

#2: Flip Around Those Hangers

It only takes a few minutes (unless you decide to reorganize) to go through your closet and flip those hangers around. Each time you pull out a piece to wear return the hanger to its normal place. In a few months time you will have a great idea of what clothes are not worn and can be donated. This is a great first step to cleaning out the closet clutter.

#3: Select Your Bible Reading Plan for the New Year

Do you want to become more faithful in your bible reading? Do you want to develop a rhythm that works with your schedule? I really enjoy the YouVersion bible App. It offers hundreds of free reading plans and allows you to sample the plan before you start it. I suggest downloading this app and reviewing some of the year long plans until you find a fit for you. The app allows you to customize a reminder to prompt you to get into the Word. This is a great way to develop a daily habit of drawing closer to God and meditating on His word.

#4: Pencil in Vacation Days for the entire year

I am notorious for racking up vacation / paid-time-off days. Vacation days are vital to our physical and mental well-being so PENCIL in those days now for the entire year. Of course, these are flexible dates but seeing the visual reminder will help you get excited about the possibility of the day(s) off and the adventure that awaits. Whether you decide to use those days as a self-care day, a staycation to explore near you, a vacation or a day to work on some projects around the house is entirely up to you. You do not need to decide at this very moment how to spend those days – just pencil them in! You are paid for the time off – so use it.

#5: Hit the Unsubscribe Button

It is time to clean the mental clutter. Whether it is in your email box or social media feed – it is time to unsubscribe to some of those voices or newsletters that no longer bring you joy. Do not take unneeded and unnecessary voices into the new year. I have no idea how I am on so many email lists but it seems that everyday my email box is filled with “ads” for sales on EVERYTHING. I am trying to spend less and save more so it is time to say goodbye to these temptations. If you struggle with comparison, consider unfollowing some of those folks that dig up this emotion. This step is a little time consuming but I am unsubscribing and cleaning out the mental clutter.

#6: Establish Screen Time Boundaries

How did we become so addicted to our phones? For me it started with the BBM feature of Blackberry way … way … way back when. (I am aging myself I KNOW haha). But sanity has returned and I am no longer aimlessly scrolling on Social Media. During one of the most recent IOS updates, iPhone released a “Screen Time” feature. This feature allows you to set boundaries and time limits on each of your apps. I had no idea how often I was picking up my phone and scrolling aimlessly through social media. This feature gave me minute by minute details and it was very eye opening. I have since enabled this feature and now I get a reminder when I’ve reached my limit for the day. I am establishing healthy boundaries with my phone and getting a lot of things done in the process.

Not sure how the use the feature? Check out the instructions here.

I hope you enjoyed this list and I pray that you have a wonderful new year. May God show Himself faithful to you in 2019.

Many Blessings,


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