Little by Little

Can you believe we are coming to the end of the first month of 2019?  There is something special about new beginnings.  It seems that everyone is so excited to “reset” in January, which can breathe enthusiasm into our own goals and resolutions.  Our social media feeds and email boxes are filled with great ways to focus on decluttering or eating right or new exercise programs.  It is all great but can become a little overwhelming and if you have not perfected that vegan diet or konmari’d your dressers to the max, you may feel a little down or discouraged. 

Well I am here to ask you, what makes January so special?  Nothing really.  So if you feel that you got off to a slow start or no start at all, GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE. 

Tomorrow is a new day!  It is a new chance to move in the direction of your dreams, goals, vision and purpose.  Do not discount the little by little progress that can be made through the improvement of your daily habits.

Are crushing your goals?!  YAY! It is time to take a moment to celebrate!  Maybe you feel discouraged or disappointed with your progress.

PROGRESS IS PROGRESS.  It is time to celebrate!

Little by little you are stepping towards your goals and for that you should CELEBRATE.  Progress does not have to be perfect to be celebrated.  Little by little in the right direction will make all the difference in one year.   

So celebrate the desire to grow.  Celebrate slow starts.  Celebrate progress.  

Goals to Grow

Are you still stuck on creating goals and resolutions this year?  What has God called you to do?  Where is your passion? How can cultivate your gifts to bring hope, life and encouragement to those around you?   

Are you in need of a fresh perspective this year?  Do you want to see your faith, relationships and life with a fresh set of eyes? Check out our 6 part study on Renewing Your Mind. 

Part 1: How can Reframing Your Thoughts change your life?

Part 2: Why should we Abide in Jesus

Part 3: Do the What Ifs of life paralyze you with fear?

Part 4: Our lives CAN be like Rivers of Living Water overflowing with hope. 

Part 5: Who is the enemy? Learning to see relationships with a fresh set of eyes.

Part 6: Everything is a possibility  

Also, check out our recent post on 6 ways to get a fresh start – no goals required.

Here is an image to help you track new daily habits in February.  We pray that your goals include drawing closer to God and cultivating His gifts this year.

February Challenge: 

Will you consider joining us in February for our study on the names of God?  Please subscribe to our blog or turn on the post notifications at our instagram page to receive alerts as the studies are posted.

We pray that you will be blessed by our new February study as we learn about the names of God to empower us to proclaim them in our prayer life.

Many Blessings, 


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