El Elyon – The Most High God

El Elyon (el el-yone’): The Most High God

“I cry out to the God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me”

Psalm 57:2

Destroy Not!  Have you ever felt like the walls of the world were closing in on you?  You feel as though you are being attacked on all sides; your relationships, your finances, your ministry or work , maybe even your personal character. You are in good company. 

Before David was king or a giant slayer, he was a shepherd boy and a musician.  Early in life he was told that he would be the next king over Israel.  It would be 15 years before God’s word over his life would come to pass.  


Have you ever been in a period of waiting on a promise of God?  While David was waiting to see God’s promises unfold – life was anything but easy.  He was being attacked on all sides.  These very words were written by David as King Saul was in pursuit of him, trying to kill him.  David was a great warrior and had made many enemies with the enemies of God’s people. But King Saul, the king of his people, the highest authority of the land wanted David dead too. David could have said why me or denied his purpose but instead he said “I cry out to the GOD MOST HIGH, to the GOD who FULFILLS HIS PURPOSE FOR ME.”  When the highest authority of the land pursued David, David pursued the Highest authority of all, the MOST HIGH GOD. 

I pray that no matter what trials or obstacles you face today, or if you are in a season of waiting – maybe even years of waiting, that you will cry out to the GOD MOST HIGH, the God WHO WILL FULFILL HIS PURPOSE FOR YOU. The God who is the HIGHEST authority over every person or circumstance in our lives.     

Many Blessings, 


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